Residential Design

The type of Residential Design service that I offer are Custom, Accessibility, Green. Custom design is where I create floor plan that meet your dreams. “Accessible Design” calls for design that includes the needs of people whose physical, mental, or environmental conditions limit their performance. “Universal Design” aims to extend standard design principles to include people of all ages and abilities, but remains at the level of generality, so it does not address all the specific needs of any particular disability.

Interior RePainting

Prior to any interior painting all floors will be covered with drop cloths, all furniture and other areas will be covered with plastic. All wall plates will be removed and stored away during the the painting stage. All walls will be inspected for cracks, nicks, and  loose paint. Fill areas with spackle. Caulk all gaps. Spot prime all areas that where patched. Then apply a coat of Eg-Shell, Flat or Semi-Gloss paint.

Exterior RePainting

Prior to any exterior painting all outdoor furniture and plants will be covered with plastic and drop cloths. Pressure wash the entire exterior of the house. Move outdoor furniture out of the way of the pressure washer. Sand and scrape all loose paint. All walls will be inspected for cracks, nicks, and loose paint. Fill areas and gaps with caulk. Set any nails on trim and siding. Fascia board and soffit should be painted.  Paint gutters and remove downspouts and then painted.  Hand sand all sash and window sills. Mask window glass and brush paint mullions. Mask all door hardware, paint all doors. Then apply a coat of Gloss paint.

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